The Christys' Adventurer/Poet - is the original 'Indiana Jones' hat and offers remarkable versatility. In sable (brown) its rugged high crown and wide brim, is certainly one for the history books.

The luxury fur felt Adventurer/Poet Hat is indeed a favourite among explorers and archaeologists. Our iconic adventurer poet rose to popularity after it was worn by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones films. It has a tall open crown that can be shaped to suit the wearer. Made from fine fur felt, this is a true Christys’ Classic. It is designed with a 3.8 cm (1.5 ins) ribbon band and bow. Handmade in our Oxfordshire factory, the Adventurer/Poet is also fully lined with the Christys' red satin and printed Christys crest, accompanied with a leather sweatband. The Fur Felt can cope admirably in inclement weather - a little steam and gentle brush can restore the fur fibres back to their normal state after an arduous adventure. Product photo from Christy's & CO.


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Style: Hat

Colorway: Grey

Origin: United Kingdom

This item ships free within the U.S.

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