Prescription Lenses

We fill prescriptions! We currently offer two types of prescription lenses in our online store: Polycarbonate and Hi-Index 1.67. If your prescription sphere falls between +2.00 and -2.75, our Polycarbonate lens is an economical choice. For prescriptions with a sphere between +3.00 and -6.00, we recommend the Hi-Index 1.67 lens. This lens is thinner and lighter than the Polycarbonate lens. Both lenses have anti-reflective (AR), UV protection (UVA/UBV), and scratch resistance coatings. Our Beverly retail store offers a larger assortment of lens options such as sunglass lenses in a wide variety of tints, progressive lenses, transitions, and more.


Need your glasses repaired? Have you been told that your frames "can't be repaired"? We can help. We can repair any eyeglass frame from the highly ornate and delicate rimmed glasses of the turn of the century, to contemporary styles, and everything in between. We repair broken frames, spring hinge assemblies, nose pads, and cable temples. Call, email, or stop into the store to discuss your repair options.


Are your glasses uncomfortable? Do they feel a bit off? If so, swing by the store. We'll look them over and adjust them for you. For free, of course. We can also install custom nosepads (as shown above) to fine tune your eyeglass fit, if needed.


Our restoration services include repairs, polishing, color-matching, and more. Give us a call or stop by our shop to discuss your restoration options.

Studio Services

Are you a stylist looking for the perfect set of eyewear for an upcoming movie or photoshoot? If so, we offer studio services across our wide variety of inventory. Give us a call or stop by the shop and let us help you find the perfect eyewear for your project.

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